Christmas, 2014

(Reprinted from Facebook status)
December 20, 2014

Tomorrow I will be joining Genevieve, Kayleigh and Marge in Atlanta, where they are now visiting Gen’s sister and her family. I usually use this space as a forum for amusing things that happen in our lives. I may not get a chance before Christmas, so for this post, I have something different in mind.

Today I was thinking about the state of the world and all the religions that exist and I was wondering…”what, if anything, do religions, or even people in general, all have in common?” This is what I came up with:

Whether it is delivered by a handshake or by a blessing in the name of a higher power, the message of peace constantly passes from individual to individual no matter how unpeaceful the world at large seems to be. Peace is an ideal that I believe can be shared by everyone, a goal towards which we can all strive, and therefore it is quite possibly the one thing that binds christians, jews, muslims, hindus, buddhists, agnostics, atheists and possibly all other beliefs (and so,in my opinion, this means that anyone who seeks to destroy peace, stating that they are doing it for religious reasons is either lying or believes in the lie preached to them).

I look at the world through a window created for us by news media, the internet and even my job and I see strife, chaos and, in some cases what I can only describe as evil. Then I look at the world immediately around me, and I see so many people being nice…doing good…helping out other people in need. Sometimes it’s a daily act of kindness (nods, Tannis), sometimes it’s a magnanimous gesture, of obvious sacrifice and generosity. It’s in every gift we give, and every gift we receive. These acts, these gestures, these things that we do for each other…we do them so that others can, even for a few moments, enjoy the peace and harmony that comes with receiving a kindness or assistance from another, and whatever our religious differences, peace is the strength of the human spirit, a commonality towards which we can all strive, even with the simplest of gestures. Every can of food in a food bank, every handshake offered in friendship, every “Happy Holiday” offered to friend and stranger brings some measure of peace to this world, and it brings me hope.

My wish on this Christmas (and on every Christmas and every birthday candle I’ve blown out since I was twelve) is peace on this earth, and goodwill towards each and every person on it, starting with all of you, and whether or not you celebrate it or even believe in it, a merry Christmas and peace to all.

Take care,


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